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Ahmed Saleh is a musician, composer and sound artist born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. He has become one of the spearheads of the Electronic music scene in Egypt. (Press - Cairoscene
Magazine – March 2015)
Saleh’s experience as a visual artist had a great impact on his music. He composed his first live solo set and made an appearance at the 100LIVE Festival in 2009. Saleh is a member and one of the founders of the acclaimed band Telepoetic, he composed the soundtracks for many films, contemporary dance shows and Theater.
In 2014 he was a part of Jazz Nomades project and performed at La Voix Est Libre Festival (France)
Saleh’s music have been featured on a number of radio shows in Poland, USA, Italy, Germany, France, UK and Egypt.

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Album... coming soon

A Ten year walk to the shore


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●Roxy Birsfelden - Basel, Switzerland 2023

●Helsinkiklub - Zurich, Switzerland 2023

●Delos island - Greece 2023

●Tanzhaus - Zurich, Switzerland 2023

●Mucem - Marseille, France 2023

●Onasis Stegi - Athens, Greece 2022

●1927 Art Space - Athens, Greece 2022

● Maison de la Poesie – Paris, France 2021.

●Festival International de danse contemporaine à Marrakech - Marrakech, Morocco 2021

● MC93 – Paris, France 2021.
● Friche la Belle de Mai – Marseille, France 2021.
● Kulturmodet festival – Nykoping Mors, Denmark 2019.
● Festival de la cite Lausanne – Lausanne, Switzerland 2019.
● Carthage dance festival – Tunis 2019.
● Centquatre – Paris, France 2019.
● Institut du monde arabe – Paris 2019.
● Utrecht – Netherlands 2019.
● Festival Les Rencontres a l’echelle – Marseille 2019
● Chicago Cultural Center - Chicago, USA 2018.
● Hyde Park Art Center - Chicago, USA 2018.
● Kenect Chicago - Chicago, USA 2018.
● Biennale Dakar - Senegal 2018.
● Elastic - Chicago, USA 2018.
● Bates Festival - Lewiston, USA 2018.
● Jesuit Cultural Center - Alexandria 2018.
● Goethe Institute - Alexandria 2018.
● Oufuqy Festival, French institute - Alexandria 2018.
● Rencontres du Film Documentaire de Redayef - Tunisia 2017
● Radio Beirut - Lebanon 2017
● Ecrire La Mediterranee Festival - Alexandria 2017.
● Zigzag - Cairo 2017.
● Swiss Club - Cairo 2017.
● Maestro Amman – Jordan 2016.
● Fete de la musique – Azhar park, Cairo, Egypt 2016.
● The closing ceremony of Shnit short Film Festival - AUC, Cairo 2016.
● Swiss Club - Cairo 2016.
● Festival International de Theatre de Mont-Laurier - Canada 2015.
● Espace Theatre – Canada 2015.
● Cartage International Festival - Tunisia 2014.
● Cartage Museum – Tunisia 2014.
● La Voix Est Libre Festival - Paris 2014.
● Irtijal festival - Lebanon 2014.
● Ecrire La Mediterranee Festival - Alexandria 2014.
● Yukunkun – Beirut 2014.
● D-CAF Festival – Cairo 2014.
● Cloud9 Music Festival – Sinai 2015.
● Al Ganoub Festival – Marsa Alaam 2015.
● El Genaina Theater – Cairo 2015.
● Falaky Theater – Cairo 2015.
● Rawabet Theater – Cairo 2015.
● Electronic Music Festival – Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2014.
● 100COPIES electronic music festival 2013 – Darb center, Cairo.
● D-CAF Festival - Cairo 2012.
● 100COPIES Electronic Music Festival – Cairo 2011.
● Al Sawy Cultural Wheel - Cairo, 2011.
● Jesuit cultural center - Cairo, June 2011.
● 100COPIES electronic music festival 2010 – Cairo jazz club, Cairo.
● 100COPIES electronic music festival 2009 – Rawabet Theater, Cairo.

Previous tour dates



A performance comes from Egyptian musician Ahmed Saleh, whose sound is inspired by the
orchestration of 80th Egyptian pop, psychedelic and folk music, Saleh creates an abstract
representation of history as an incredibly long and in-depth journey - something everyone can relate
Saleh’s music colors in a very relevant aspect of our history as digital tracings. Nowadays, our
tracings are instantaneous and technically long-lasting, but it can begin to feel like every indention has
disappeared, because so much other information is readily available.


Review by Mark Barton

The album opening to the angel sighs of Ahmed Saleh’s genteely serene and life affirming ‘Feryal’, aspectral rejoicing of sorts ghosted in the minimalist crush of electronic whispers all touched withsomething of the celestial and the ancient, it really does make way for a trance toning experienceboth reinvigorating and somewhat soothed in a becoming cosmic eerie. incidentally Ahmed pops upagain a little later on with the bliss flotilla fancy that is ‘khitam’ whose looping nostalgic sonics andtwinkling courtship cuts some feint hinterland between Steve Reich and the Caretaker.

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Nady El Cinema
Byoot Al Tyn



Telepoetic is band known for its experimental, raw and post-rock sound. Formed back in 2006, the
trio is one of Egypt's most unique sound driven projects. The band has a big portfolio of live
performances at events such as 100LIVE, Irtijal Festival and Dcaf Festival. Telepoetic has shared the
stage with various international acts such as, Mouse On Mars, Jan Jelinek, IQBit and Erik Truffaz.
Currently the band is working on new material for their anticipated second album along with touring
their debut album Ensehab (Retreat) which was released in November 2013.
Ensehab is a unique melding of electronica and progressive post-rock and was referred to by
CairoScene as "a solid instrumental effort that takes unexpected turns that makes you happy you
took the trip"
Telepoetic's live performance can be described as an audio-visual experience as the band often uses
light and visual installations to enhance the mood set for the audience.

Ahmed Saleh & Abdullah Miniawy
Spearheading the rise of a new kind of fusion sound, meshing the jagged world of Electro with the
soothing sounds of Sufism.
Abdullah Miniawy is a rapper, singer and spoken word poet from Fayoum whose voice looms large
and ethereal over any listener, squelching and belting out every iota of emotion that runs through
his Sufi prose.
Ahmed Saleh is a sound artist hailing from Alexandria who came into prominence with his Post-Rock
band Telepoetic, equally ingenious in front of a laptop as he is with electric guitar in hand. Rumi
once said that “Philosophers have said that we love music because it resembles the sphere-sounds
of union.” In Saleh and Miniawy’s self titled new project they have created an extraordinary union
between the contemporary left field beats of Saleh and the archaic chanting and controversial lyrics
of Miniawy. Technically, it shouldn’t work, but it does. Its solemn and edgy and meaningful and it’s a
sound that has garnered attention (press - 11 August 2014).
This project was formed back in 2013 and participated in many festivals in Cairo, Alexandria, Tunis,
Cartage, Paris.


Jazz Nomades (France/Egypt)
A musical project founded by the French entity Jazz Nomades in 2014, its a collaboration between 4
musicians from 2 countries. The electronic music producer and electric guitar player Ahmed Saleh
(Egypt), the electric Oud player Mehdi Haddab who collaborates with Rachid Taha (France), the Sufi
singer Abdullah Miniawy (Egypt), the Violinist Mohamed Sami (Egypt).

Ecrire La Mediterranee (France/Egypt)
(Institut Francais d’Egypte)

Collaboration with Oliver Coates
This project was supported by the British Council and Oufuqy Music Festival, it took place
at Behna studio 2015.
Oliver Coates is an artist in residence at Southbank Centre in London. He is a fine classical cellist who
collaborates with Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood & Massive Attack.
Coates also plays as principal cello in Aurora Orchestra and as a guest principal in the London
Sinfonietta. He is an associate of the Royal Academy of Music. He’s of a generation of composers
and performers whose horizons take in indie, electronica and folk as well as contemporary classical
This project was a collaboration between Oliver Coates, Ahmed Saleh, Khaled Kaddal and Ayman

Mafeesh (Egypt/Netherlands)

This project is a collaboration, Egypt’s Ahmed Saleh and Netherland’s Konstantyn Napolov, dropping a collaborative experimental EP ‘Mafeesh’  which transcends borders and masterfully minglesdisparate genres.Mafeesh is produced by B’sarya for arts with the support of Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt and was premiered in a live streamed concert on the 24th of May 2021.The concert was held and produced by B’sarya in partnership with the Jesuit Cultural Center and Scene Noise.You can watch the concert here

Black Washed Wall


The Nose

A film by Amir Youssef (Le Fresnoy production) France


Contemporary dance by Aly Khamees


Contemporary Dance by Shaymaa Shoukry


A film by Jilani saadi.


Contemporary dance by Salma Salem.



Contemporary dance by Shaymaa Shoukry.


Contemporary dance by Shaymaa Shoukry.


Contemporary dance by Shaymaa Shoukry.

Without Damage

Contemporary dance by Mohamed Fouad.


Street Parliament by Erica Mott

E3mel kda

Short film, starring: Khaled Abul Naga, directed by: Mark Lotfy

Video by the kilo

Short films, production of workshop organized by the artist: Shreif EL Azama

Three short movies

By the director and visual artist Wael Shawky

The Cave

By the Egyptian movie maker Ahmed El Ghoneimy

Everyone is sneakily avoiding the blue lighter

Contemporary dance show by Mirette Mechail

Le Hachoir


Black Washed Wall


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